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 All Categories    ToughTrak Tough & Durable Low-Profile Conveyors
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ToughTrak Tough & Durable Low-Profile Conveyors

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ToughTrak low profile conveyors are lean and mean working machines. These steel fabricated, tough and durable conveyors are built to survive the extreme tests of the manufacturing environment. ToughTrak is not only built to last, they can be built to your exact length and width specifications at a cost lower than any other low profile conveyor.

  • Long lasting maintenance free bearings
  • Optional bolt on side rails
  • Accessible internal belt tracking system
  • One-piece frame with removable bottom pan
  • US Standard size fasteners
  • Tough and durable Hammertone blue paint. Special colors are available.
  • Unique sturdy and safe box frame construction
  • Smooth flat working surface
  • American made and American Engineered
  • Lengths and widths made to your exact specifications
  • Sturdy and adjustable 12-gauge unistrut style supports
  • Low profile 1 3/4" deep frame
  • Classic and dependable 12-gauge steel frame
  • Available with a wide variety of belt and cleat options.
  • Crowned face knurled drive pulley continually tracks belts and prevents belts from slipping
  • Many widths available in UpTime Express 24-hour ship program
  • Accessible discharge end take up system with 3 3/4" of belt take up

Quick Start Electrical Controls
We stock a wide variety of starters, electrical components and pre-wired fixed and pre-wired variable speed drive packages. Add a pre-wired Quick Start control package to your conveyor and it's ready to run when it arrives.

Item #

Drive Pulley Dia.

Drive Pulley Bore

Drive Pulley Bearing

Drive Pulley Head Plate

Drive Motor

Take Up/Tracking

Model 150 1 5/16" 5/8" Pressed in Precision Bearings Machined ½" Thick Gearmotors Internal at Infeed
Internal at Discharge
Model 250 2 7/8" 3/4" 2 Bolt Flanged Grease Sealed 10 Gauge Formed "Motor-Reducer Combinations with 56 C Frames" Internal at Infeed
External at Discharge
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