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Dock Equipment

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SC Steel Dockboard

Dockplates (Steel & Aluminum)


Fully welded dockboards provide a safe ramp for powered vehicle application. Selecting the proper Bluff product for your application with improve product life, safety, and loading efficiency. Review the product selection guide below to determine which product meets your needs best.

Selections should consider the extremes rather than averages. All trucks need to be loaded or unloaded, not just the average ones.

  • Weight of equipment and heaviest load

  • Capacity rated for single-shift operation at a 3 mile per hour maximum rate of travel.
  • Stackers and other narrow ...
  • SYS Steel Yardramp

    Steel Yardramp


    The yard ramp is simply moved into position at trailers, railcars, or docks. The operator utilizes a self-contained, double-acting hydraulic pump to adjust the unit to the proper position. In minutes you are ready to load or unload freight. Solid 18" rubber tires provide easy positioning and towing. Open serrated steel grating provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water, and other debris. Beveled approach provides a smooth transition.

    For truck or railcar to ground applications choose a 36' yard ramp including a level off. Choose a 30' straight yard ramp design for quick loading from dock to ground.

    High strength steel yard ramps make even the toughest unloading jobs ...


  • Heavy-duty formed steel side girders provide main load-bearing capability
  • Steel side girders welded to steel Z members form a superior frame

    Multiple Z cross members are welded to the side girders, then self-cleaning steel grating is welded to the Z members to form a one-piece unitized yard ramp.
  • Grating


  • Serrated for Traction
  • Self-Cleaning

    Serrated grating provides excellent traction and the open design prevents buildup of water, snow, oil, grease and miscellaneous debris. The lower end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp grating surface. Approach plate allows fork lift wheels to turn without damage to grating bar.
  • Rampclamp

    Ramp Clamp

    The optional ramp clamp assists operator in moving yard ramps over short distances. Forklift tine inserts into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.

    Tow Bar

    The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to yard ramps and makes towing over long distances practical. A quick disconnect feature improves handling efficiency.
    Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic Pump

  • Double-acting
  • Two hydraulic cylinders

    The hydraulic system allows for smooth and quick raising of the front lip of the yard ramp to the proper dock or trailer height. Simply open the release valve to safely lower the unit into position. The pump is mounted internally to protect it from accidental damage.
  • LD Lo-Dockleveler Operation

    Dock Leveler

    Dock Levelers correct height differences between loading docks, loading platforms and truck or trailer beds. Bluff's edge of dock leveler is designed to have a working range of 5" above and 5" below dock level. Because of gradability problems, dock levelers are for forklift truck use and not recommended for use with pallet jacks or stackers.
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