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Modular Drawer Cabinet Storage Systems

The flexible solution that grows as your service parts storage needs expand.
Stanley® Vidmar®, a leading manufacturer of high-density modular storage drawer systems, will show you how to reclaim valuable sales and storage floor area.

Stanley® Vidmar® Storage Solutions
A cabinet storage system from Stanley® Vidmar® can reduce the amount of space you need for storage without limiting what you need to store.

Cabinets in the Walk-Around Mode  · Mezzanine Mode  · Use Less Space To Store More  · Get Organized  · We Can Grow With You

Cabinets in the Walk-Around Mode
Higher storage density is achieved with Stanley® Vidmar® modular cabinets, saving floor space for other storage operation needs. This space savings of approximately 50% or more permits rapid access to frequently requested parts.

Mezzanine Mode
A mezzanine configuration is the perfect arrangement to maximize floor area utilization. Side by side, back to back, or stacked. One cabinet or one hundred. All designed around the single Stanley® Vidmar® storage cabinet system. As you grow, it grows with you.

Use Less Space To Store More
Shelves require aisle space and "reach room" around the stored items for access. A Stanley® Vidmar® cabinet consolidates storage because it doesn't require "reach room." In fact, two Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets can commonly store inventory from five shelf sections-freeing up floor space for more productive and profitable activities. And you can store more inventory without building additional storage areas.

Get Organized
Drawer storage gives every item its own specific, instantly located place-ideal for computerized control. With everything organized, taking inventory is as easy as opening a drawer. You can dramatically cut retrieval time and eliminate obsolete inventory. And you'll keep everything secure and protected from dust and dirt. Best of all, Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets arrive with their drawer interiors already installed, at no extra charge!

We Can Grow With You
As your inventory and space requirements grow, our storage system grows with you.


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